​​Artist Statement ­ Oculus Series

Copyright © Thomas Brasch Photography. All rights reserved.

The Oculus series captures the beauty found in everyday common elements. The image is reworked so that we can perceive and appreciate the colours, vibrancy, textures, patterns and symmetry.  Thomas has shaped the surreal out of the real, making interpretation and perception the subjects of the image and not the actual still life or landscape source. Inconspicuous details become a singularity of beauty and truth in the eye of the beholder.  Each piece is a self-reflection into the definition of our own personal aesthetics.

​​Oculus Constructed, my new series, is based on notable, innovative, or historically significant architecture.  Each piece pulls together characteristic features (either internal or external) and, through repetition and symmetry, presents a new perspective of the edifice.  I’ve discovered architecture as a source material on a recent trip to Iceland and Germany.  The first images were of the Harpa Music Hall in Reykjavik.  Subsequently, I’ve been able to create pieces based on Sankt Sebaldus church in Nuremberg as well as the New Synagogue in Berlin.  Canadian architectural sources are the Li Ka Shing Institute of Knowledge (St. Michael’s Hospital) and Brookefield Place.